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CRYSTAL TREND WORLDWIDE LIMITED (CTW) is a Limited Liability Company incorporated in the Federal Republic of Nigeria on February 21, 2005.
As a Multinational Company, we are a Mandate to major international investors in Engineering & Construction, Agric-Business Projects in Africa, Government Organisation, Multinationals and Private Companies.

We represent some of these people and also partner with them as well as to execute serious Industrial and Agricultural Project in Africa.

We do also propose to the development of Nigeria in areas such as Investment in Engineering and Construction and realization of any these:

Industrial, Oil and Gas, Agro and Power Generating Plant such as:

* Renewable Energy Project (Conversion of Waste to Energy and Solar Energy)
* Hydro and other Power Plants (Coal, Natural Gas)
* Bio Fuel Plants (Corn)
* Oil Refinery (Small and Medium Scale)
* Gas- Liquid Plant
* Sea and River Ports and “Shoreline Defense Communication”
* Rail-way (Local and Trans-international Lines, On Ground and Under Ground)
* Agro Development Structures (Corn, Beans, Rice, Wheat, Cotton, cassava, Cocoa etc)
* Assembling Plants (Buses, Tractors, Trucks for any purposes)

We also carry out importation and exportation of any kind of equipment, machinery, commodities and services directly or through our branches.

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